Where am I?

Tracy’s storytelling is rich and vivacious, full of wit, warmth, and a sly sort of wisdom. She changes voices as easily as some people change socks, and her carefully crafted words and expressive face create vivid images that make her stories dance in the listener’s imagination.
Dolores Hydock
Story Performer
Tracy is funny and irreverent, totally original and completely spellbinding. Wickedly wonderful!
Sherry Norfolk
Tracy immerses herself in the tales she tells and her stories come to life for the children. Her words paint pictures better than any illustrator. She keeps our students so engaged, and each time she visits, another new yarn is spun!
Lydia Burnett
Teacher, Robinson Elementary School
One lady turned to me during your performance and said, "She is brilliant! Where did you get her?
Beth Tanner
Youth Services Coordinator, Lake Blackshear Regional Library, Americus, GA
Tracy is both a powerful storyteller and a true believer in the power of stories. Her session on the use of storytelling in fundraising and the time she spent engaging us in strategies to improve our storytelling skills was incredibly helpful for our team and was much appreciated.
Michele Taylor
Corporate Development Officer Habitat for Humanity International
Tracy's workshop kept my college students engaged and involved the entire time, and they left with many useful teaching strategies and materials! She is a wonderful storyteller and an excellent resource!
Kellie Whelan-Kim, Ph.D
College of Education University of North Georgia
I have heard many tellers of stories, and I have told a few myself, but I have heard none better than Tracy. She is a delight.
Dr. Fred B. Craddock
Tracy’s storytelling is mesmerizing and leaves you wanting more!  The way she gives every character its own personality, she is able to draw you into their worlds with words.
Theresa Jones
Library Director, Kentucky
Tracy is an educator’s dream.  She brings stories to life in a way that engages and excites today’s students, young and old. Her blend of words, song, and unique voices paint 3-D characters that leap to life in hearts and minds. Tracy is the best of the best!
Lola Schaefer
Children’s Book Author and Keynote Speaker
Mr Rabbit
from Never Hire a Fox
from Never Hire a Fox